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  • Your team does not have a playbook for your repeatable best-practice. Your operating procedures are difficult to follow - or - captured in multiple locations. Now, they are beautifully captured in Method Grid such that you all work to the same common professional standards …

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  • 80% of what you do is stuff you have done before - but you often end up reinventing the wheel! You lack a simple workflow tracking tool to make this easy - to allow you to focus on the tougher, unique 20%! Now, with Method Grid, the repeatable becomes effortless - via easy-to-follow checklists - and simple progress trackers …

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  • You know you should be spending more time investing in developing your firm’s IP but it always feels like such hard work. Method Grid makes the process graphical, collaborative and super-easy to follow - allowing you to build out your firm’s methods in small, incremental steps.

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  • You constantly talk about continuous improvement - but - you have no centralised process reference point to continuously improve! Now, with Method Grid your whole team can collaboratively refine and enhance your ever-improving practices …

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  • It is often difficult for members of your team to know who best to ask when confronted with a service challenge. Most queries end up just coming up to the busiest seniors in the business. With Method Grid, you can tag expertise across your firm to facilitate peer-to-peer collaborative working …

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  • You are a service business that needs to demonstrate your hard-earned expertise when prospecting for new client work. Finding it difficult to get beyond the “we are experts” sound bite. Method Grid captured toolboxes - configured to your company’s brand - step you out of the competitive crowd …

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  • You want to get a new joiner to your team up to speed fast in your company’s unique way of working - but - this on-boarding experience is far from optimal. Now, with Method Grid your HR team can build structured induction grids - allowing new joiners to easily track their way through this experience - fostering a powerful "first impression" of your company …

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  • You want your team to be able to quickly access your best-practice procedures, tools, expert-colleagues, templates and resources whether they are - whatever device they are on. Method Grid allows you to build a structured library of labelled content with a powerful search facility overlaid. Need that step in a hurry - out of the office - on your iPhone over 3G? We’ve got you covered …

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Benefits of Method Grid

Intellectual Property (IP) is one of the most important assets that an organization can build. Firms with structured, developed IP are, quite simply, worth more. With a Method Grid platform in place you enable the incremental growth of your IP capital as an everyday, whole-firm endeavour.

Tim Phillips - Gate One

At Gate One, we combine the advisory and delivery skills of our talented consultants with hard-fought transformation know-how to deliver lasting change that counts. A key differentiator is how well we capture, distil and enact the lessons of the past for the benefit of our clients.

In the area of IP, I see Method Grid as a game-changer. It provides us with a step change in the value we can add for our clients and it is also a differentiator in the sales process.

Tim Phillips
MD, Gate One

One of the biggest challenges of team-based delivery is ensuring that all your team members are working to a common standard. Building a reputation for excellence involves, first and foremost, delivering services to a consistent quality. Method Grid provides this easy-to-use, continuously-improving, centralised point of reference.

Paul Wilson - Provelio

Not only do clients get a real clarity as to the Provelio way and what they can expect to receive from us … our captured capital project method also provides delivery clarity to my team … so there is a real consistency to that delivery promise.

Paul Wilson
MD, Provelio

To enhance productivity, firms need to work smarter. The increase in remote working has led to an increase in the need for on-demand information. That’s where Method Grid comes in; providing a central place for firms to build, share and continuously-improve their operating playbook in a collaborative environment, available anytime, anywhere.

Wendy Charlton - RCKa

We have found Method Grid to be an invaluable tool in the development of our internal Plan of Work. It has really helped to formulate and order our thoughts into a usable and easily accessible structure.

Wendy Charlton
Operations Director, RCKa (Architects)

Method Grid is not just your home for repeatable best-practice; it also enables users to track their way through the delivery of such procedural instances - step-by-step - with easy-to-use checklists. Via graphical progress drill downs, managers can easily track and support such delivery progress across the organization.

Matt Jenkins - Footdown

Method Grid has been a real game changer for us at Footdown. For years we struggled to find a common way of keeping everyone on the same page, following a process and ensuring all information was in the right place and easy to update. Method Grid has taken all that pain away and better still within as little as a couple of hours we had our first grids built, our data in it and people actively using it. Its simplicity makes it a must have for any business these days, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Matt Jenkins
Head of Consulting, Footdown

Method Grid has been designed not just as a solution for building methodology but also for facilitating best-practice knowledge-management in your organization. With expert-tagging, a user can quickly locate colleagues best placed to answer any related queries they have.

Professor Dimo Dimov - Bath University

I research and teach the entrepreneurial journey, from initial idea to viable venture. Having been involved in the early beta testing of Method Grid, I can see its value both as an innovative, creative tool to help firms scale but also as a unique platform for an academic faculty. I am now using it to capture all of our disparate knowledge and educational resources in a single, structured location to help design and deliver learning experiences. I am also excited to see how it can be used as a powerful knowledge sharing tool - joining up collaborators across organizations. My next project!

Professor Dimo Dimov
Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of Bath School of Management BSc, MBA, PhD

High-performing organizations are consistently excellent at the first-impression process of on-boarding - be that new staff or new clients. Method Grid expedites the time it takes for new colleagues to become meaningfully contributive - and - supports their continuous professional development in your firm's unique way of working. Method Grid enables a professionally-consistent new client journey.

Lauren Rath - The Pi Group

As Director of People and Culture, I am constantly working to recruit top talent for Pi and subsequently supporting new joiners in getting up and running quickly through a bespoke, comprehensive on-boarding plan. Aside from being an invaluable resource; the ability to demonstrate our training program on Method Grid has also helped me in the recruitment process. New joiners have shared that this visible attention to professional development was a critical component in their evaluation of us over other career opportunities.

Lauren Rath
Director of People and Culture, The Pi Group

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How Method Grid brings your playbook to life…

Grids - make the complex simple

Methodologies can be quickly frame-worked and easily refined - enabling the continuous, collaborative development of even very-complex procedures

Grids can intuitively present multiple types of staff resource - methodologies, operating procedures, lesson module libraries etc.

Easy-to-use grid builder - you can have your first grid up and running in minutes


Workflow progress tracking

Method Grid is not just your home for repeatable best-practice; it is also your solution for workflow management and progress tracking. Make excellence a repeatable practice with Method Grid.

Users can track their way through the delivery of procedural instances - step-by-step - with easy-to-use checklists.

Set up colour (task-complete) formatting rules to easily monitor your overall grid (procedure) status.

Graphical progress drill-downs allow managers to easily track, and support, delivery progress across your organization.

Need some content ideas to get you quickly started? Your Method Grid account comes with multiple free grids covering many common business situations - ready for you to bespoke tailor for your own unique circumstances. The Method Grid Store is forever growing with new such grids - so keep your eyes out for new releases that can be easily downloaded into your own account.

Example Grids

Central library - easily manage all your methods and procedures

Use folders to bring structure to larger grid libraries

Search across your entire account to quickly locate the procedure, person or resource you need

Easily share links to specific grids and elements with your team

Grid clone to create delivery-instances of your master methods and procedures

Grid Library

Flexible, feature-rich grid elements

Element areas

Create unique elements using a diverse range of content areas: text, internal and external links, documents, experts, images, videos and checklists

Element linking

Simple linking system lets you connect your grid elements together within and across grids

Element experts

Easily link team members to your grid elements to enable knowledge-based collaboration

Element templates

Ability to develop bespoke element templates – facilitating fast methodology development and the consistent presentation of information in your grids


Expert-tagging to facilitate knowledge-based collaboration

Tag expertise at the most granular level of your methodologies - users can find colleague-experts fast

Facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing across your entire organization

Control membership levels across three classes: architects, builders and users

Fully customizable team member profiles

Customizable labelling and filtering

Element Labels

Label your grids for easy visual categorisation and filtering - create a bespoke system that fits your organization

Grid Labels

Easy to use grid-specific, element-labelling system - bringing another rich, visual dimension to methodologies

Data and intellectual property security

Built on rock solid web technology including SQL, PHP and JS; Method Grid has security and data integrity at its core.

We partner with quality infrastructure partners to ensure 100% availability, solid security features and reliable content backups.

We seek always to operate within the (seven) principles of the International Safe Harbour Privacy Principles.

All your files and documents are kept in a non-publicly accessible directory and can only be accessed by the registered users in your organization.

Areas of our site that collect your information use industry standard secure socket layer encryption (SSL/TLS); the connection to our site is encrypted and authenticated using a strong protocol (TLS 1.2), a strong key exchange (ECDHE_RSA with P-256), and a strong cipher (AES_128_GCM). Any backups we take are also encrypted using GPG.

You can download your developed content at any time using our export function.

Please contact us to talk through any other data security related requirements.

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