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Our Operating Model (Blueprinting) service provides can be adapted for enterprise-wide transformation or tailored to support clients in the enhancement of specific functions or capabilities.

Our flexible framework navigates a comprehensive strategic journey, from vision-mission articulation through to an in-depth operating model design (people-process-data-tech-partnerships) with the associated business case and transformation roadmap build.

This deliverable pack brings both ‘target end state’ clarity and a rock-solid, business case focused foundation to any ensuing programme of work. 

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Typical Client Situation/Anxiety

Our Operating Model (Blueprinting) service meets the needs of organisations and teams facing strategic imperative to modernise and re-position services but grappling with the complexity of target end-state articulation.

Typical triggers for such work include: moments of corporate upheaval (M&A, mergers etc), new legal and regulatory operating requirement and/or the challenge of staying competitively differentiated  


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Our approach

Our Operating Model (Blueprinting) service unfolds via the collaborative, iterative development of five pivotal, interconnected models: Mission, Business, Value, Operating and Transformation. This holistic framework adapts to enterprise-wide transformation or as tailored to the enhancement of specific business functions/capabilities. 

This shared, facilitated exercise instils crystal-clear clarity and confidence with respect to strategy formulation, future operating blueprint, implementation options and outline business case justification; all of which firmly predicates any subsequent transformation initiative.  


Proprietary Tools/Resources

  • Operating Model Playbook: Our Operating Model Playbook is a codified suite of the five models: Mission, Business, Value, Operating, and Transformation including canvas proformas for multiple industries, scenarios and challenges. 
  • Capability Assessment: Our Capability Assessment proposition (and accompanying tools/resources) facilitate a systematic evaluation of your organisational strengths and development areas.  
  • Experienced Operating Model Designers: Our team of experienced operating model designers is adept at moving from leader-interviews and collaborative workshop discussion through to boardroom-ready paperssecuring team and leadership buy-in at all levels of the process. With our expertise, you will move from espoused strategic concept to a set of coherent, detailed operational statements 
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Typical Deliverables

  • Target Operating Model (Blueprint): Our Target Operating Model (Blueprint) is a comprehensive document set containing the interconnected five models (Mission, Business, Value, Operating and Transformation) with sufficient detail to communicate to all stakeholders and as required to underpin the initiation of a major transformation initiative.  
  • “As Is” Capability Assessment. This deliverable – as mapped to the most appropriate frameworks – will capture your current capability maturity levels with accompanying narrative as to the recommended follow-on actions. This deliverable ensures all further investment decisions are grounded in an ‘art of the possible’. 
  • Outline Programme Initiation Document (PID). This document set will include: an outline business case, a benefits realisation plan and an implementation schedule/proposal – as sufficient to facilitate the ‘go/no go’ decision of an accompanying transformation initiative (as required to move towards a target operating model). 
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Key benefits of our Operating Model (Blueprint) service include: 

  • Strategic Case: The resultant operating model definition will evidence clear alignment between this stated future blueprint and your core strategic objectives – thus defending the ‘why’ of any resultant change initiative.  
  • Clarity and Direction: The comprehensive document set – as collaboratively and iteratively built – will provide a firm reference statement on which transformation work can be initiated – aiding in all downstream planning and decision making.  
  • Risk Mitigation: In turn, this initial clarity and end-state definition reduces the risk of related transformation work – as based on this early, collective, granular understanding of the destination. 
  • Stakeholder Engagement: This deliverable set, as built in close collaboration with your senior leaders, is a representation of a forged, shared vision – as necessary to excite and energise future transformation advocacy. Additionally, as enhanced by engaging materials (video explainers etc), these materials can be used to inform and positively engage all wider stakeholders in the change process.   
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Method Grid has enabled my busy project office team to move from disparate individual systems to a consistent one-team, fully auditable assurance of all estate works at the university. This is improving project oversight which, in turn, is starting to build confidence and trust in reliably delivered projects.

Director, Major Estates Capital Project Office, Oxford Brookes University

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