Minimising the ecological impact of complex construction and engineering projects


MethodGrid welcomes technology-focused rewilding experts, Ecosulis to shed light on minimising environmental impact of large-scale projects, focusing on compliance and monitoring.

We discuss the importance of a combination of technology, detailed data and project assurance methodologies for cost-effective and large-scale restoration strategies within construction and engineering.

The session is hosted by Ecosulis CEO and Founder, Cain Blythe and Nature Restoration Specialist, Neil Melleney.

About Ecosulis

Ecosulis specialises in using technology to aid in rewilding efforts. Through employing innovative and advanced techniques, such as drones, habitat mapping and blockchains, they aim to successfully contribute to environmental efforts on a global scale.

Ecosulis has already protected and enhanced wild nature at multiple sites across the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of services that include everything from natural capital mapping and virtual surveying to wetland restoration and woodland planting. Underpinned by investments in cutting edge research, innovation and technology, Ecosulis continues to create and manage landscape-scale habitats that enrich biodiversity and benefit businesses, communities and society at large.

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