UI Updates and Element Full Screen Option

UI Updates and Element Full Screen Option Cover Image

In our latest release, we have made improvements to the UI (user interface) in elements and stage gates, including a new full screen option for your elements.

Continuing the roll out of the UI improvements that started with adding view/tool shortcuts to your grids and elements within your grid, we have now added the same UI to elements and stage gates.

TL;DR – Key Changes

  • Buttons throughout Method Grid are now grouped by purpose:
    • Switching between views/tools
    • Actions
    • Closing
  • Toggling between edit and view modes in elements and stage gates no longer hides useful views/tools/actions, all are available based on your level of access, in either mode
  • You can now toggle elements into a full screen mode


Element UI Improvements

The new element layout with the view and action buttons annotated.

The functionality within your elements is unchanged, everything is just easier to use and navigate:

  1. The element views/tools are now split into a separate button grouping, giving you easy access to the element information,
  2. the element’s task log and
  3. the element’s activity log.
  4. The element action buttons are now in their own grouping and we have added a new option to toggle  your element into a full screen mode.
  5. The close button has been unified throughout the Method Grid app and is now separated from the action buttons.

When using edit mode in your elements you will also notice that all the views/tools available in view mode will now continue to be available in edit mode.

Element showing new button groupings in edit mode.

Stage Gate UI Improvements

The same UI principles for button grouping have also been implemented within stage gates:

The new button layout within the stage gates user interface.

App Wide UI Improvements

The same UI principles will now flow throughout the app, providing a clearly defined separation between:

  1. Switching between views/tools
  2. Actions
  3. Closing

Element task log with the new button groupings annotated.


If you have any feedback or questions relating to this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be improving the localisation settings for improved Gantt functionality and adding a new content area for your elements and stage gates. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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