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Method Grid's AI Empowered P3M Delivery

AI is revolutionising the landscape of knowledge and project management. Take a look at how Method Grid are empowering our platform with AI.

With Method Grid, you can build trust and confidence in the way you deliver your projects and services, through improved knowledge capture, assured delivery, continuous improvement and team collaboration. This enables you to win work, deliver consistently and delight clients – all with less effort and improved efficiency.​ ​

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought unprecedented transformation to various industries, and the domain of project, program, and portfolio management (P3M) is no exception.

AI-powered solutions have the potential to revolutionise P3M delivery by automating repetitive tasks, optimising resource allocation, and enabling data-driven decision-making. In this article, we will explore how AI is empowering P3M delivery and the benefits it brings to organisations.


Method Grid’s AI Prototypes Video Series

Our most recent GRIDtalk looked at AI-empowered P3M delivery and Method Grid’s first AI prototypes. The feedback from attendees was very positive and generated a lot of interest in our AI BETA.

We’ve put together a short video for each AI prototype as demonstrated at the event.

Our AI-Lessons Learnt video looks at how we use AI to dynamically and contextually play back lessons learnt within live projects.


The AI-Assisted Content video looks at how we use AI to help clients rapidly develop knowledge content, and video explainers, for project and service delivery playbooks – to improve overall consistency and quality.


Finally, AI-Project Assistant looks at how we use AI to provide users with their own project assistant. These are initial prototypes – as we work our way through a growing set of (fantastic) further enablement-ideas from the user community.


Method Grid GRIDtalks

Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about the transformative potential of AI in P3M delivery through more of a deep dive, you can check out our on-demand AI GRIDtalk. Here we had a deeper look into the subject and showcased some of the early developed prototypes for AI-powered features.


During the session, we demonstrated how our AI-driven solutions can assist in developing knowledge content, capturing lessons learned, and introduced our virtual assistant.

Method Grid

Method Grid is an AI-empowered platform that enables clients to build, deliver, enhance and assure corporate playbooks. We work primarily with major professional service companies – especially so in the engineering consulting sector.

We pride ourselves on the collaborative, professional services support we provide – essentially acting as a strategic partner to our clients as they traverse a capability-uplift project. ​


Arrange a demo with us to learn more.


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