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At Method Grid our vision is to build the world’s leading AI-empowered, knowledge and project management platform. Our AI Assistant (beta) is now open to our Professional and Enterprise customers and focuses initially on helping teams to quickly generate knowledge content in their account.


Using the Method Grid AI Assistant you can now super-charge content creation in your account in two unique ways.

AI Assistant – Content Tool

When building out the knowledge contained in your account you use content areas to add words, images, tasks, videos and more to elements and stage gates that are contained within your structured grids. Each of these content areas has a description at the top in which you can add rich text:

An element showing the various content areas

Now, by selecting the AI Assistant icon when you add or edit your content, you can prompt the AI Assistant to draft this content for you:

Element in edit mode showing the AI Assistant open

When prompting the AI Assistant to create or amend copy, you write your instructions (prompts) to the AI in the same way as you’d use other AI tools, for example.

Summarise the purpose of the business case in project management

Summarise this in no more than 3 sentences

Rewrite this for someone with no experience of the subject matter, keep it as simple as possible

The AI Assistant can also create tasks and links when used in a tasks or links content area, for example you can prompt the AI Assistant to:

Create a list of tasks to be done by a project manager when creating a business case for a project

Prompt to the AI Assistant to create tasks for creating a project business case

It will then create the tasks and description for you:

The tasks for creating a project business case created by the AI Assistant

If you would like access to this feature, please get in touch.

AI Assistant – AI Templates

You can now also create AI assisted templates in your account. Our element and stage gate templates enable your team to take a structured approach to knowledge generation across your organisation, ensuring your team use a consistent approach when generating content. Our AI assisted templates add rocket fuel to this process:

Creating AI Templates

To create an AI assisted template you simply create an element or stage gate template in the usual way and then toggle the AI assisted option to yes:

An example AI Assisted template

Now, in the description of each content area, you write the prompt that you want to send to the AI Assistant when it uses your template to generate knowledge. Within this prompt, you can insert the name of the element or stage gate the template is being used for. Then, when using your template, the AI Assistant will use the name of the element or stage gate as the subject. We have provided a number of examples to start you off, you can use our example deliverable template:

AI Assisted template prompt text example

Wherever you see |element-name| this is where the template will insert the element name into the prompt for that area, for example, in the purpose text area the prompt is:

Purpose of |element-name| no longer than 200 words

When this template is then used to create content for an element named ‘project business case’ the AI will be prompted to create content for that specific area using the prompt:

Purpose of project business case no longer than 200 words

Using AI Templates

To use an AI assisted template, you simply create a new element or stage gate, give it a name, select the load existing content menu and select AI Assisted template:

Selecting AI Assisted template

Choose your template from the list:

Choosing your AI Assisted template

The AI Assistant will then use your template to create content specific to that element name using your preferred structure and AI prompts:

The final AI generated content produced by the AI template

You can also use the AI Assistant content tool on each of the content areas or your own edits, to refine the content generated by the AI template.

Now anyone in your team can quickly create knowledge using a unified, templated layout and with consistent AI prompts to create your content.

If you would like access to this feature, please get in touch.

Enabling The AI Assistant

By default, our AI Assistant is off in all accounts. If you would like to enable the AI Assistant in your account, please contact our team. We are providing our Professional and Enterprise customers with free access to this beta feature set initially and ask just for user feedback in return – to facilitate our ongoing, exciting R&D in this area.

Please note: AI functionality is provided on an as-is basis and we give no warranties and make no guarantees in respect of the AI functionality. Do not input personal or confidential data, you are solely responsible for evaluating the accuracy of any output generated and you shall comply with all third party terms applicable. Read the full terms of use here.


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be continuously improving our AI Assistant in the coming months alongside the creation of our new Gantt chart feature. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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