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Welcome to our dedicated resource hub for Lessons Learned 2.0. Here you will find the Lessons Learned 2.0 White Paper, the Project LEAP overview and recordings of our GRIDtalk webinars that have previously touched on the subject of AI.

Lessons Learned 2.0 White Paper

The current management of Lessons Learned, in the context of major capital project delivery, is fundamentally broken; certainly, the potential theoretical benefits of such invested effort seldom arrive.

This white paper explores why so and proposes a radical overhaul of this situation towards a blueprint we are referring to as ‘Lessons Learned 2.0’, as recently technologically enabled by major advances in machine learning (behaviour detection/natural language processing, large language models).

This paper explores key principles that need to be factored into the design of Lessons Learned 2.0 including: the need to assimilate this activity into the day-to-day practice for project professionals (with respect to both lesson ingestion and playback cf. a contrived, positioned activity) and the need to contextually qualify and enrich captured lessons. Additionally, we share thoughts as to how technology can help overcome common leadership (and cultural) barriers.

Lessons Learned 2.0 Resources

Lessons Learned 2.0 White Paper

This white paper sets out a bold new vision as to how the discipline of lessons learned management, specifically in the context of major engineering/construction build, can be reimagined; it essentially presents a blueprint for Lessons Learned 2.0.

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Project LEAP Overview

Project LEAP (Lessons Enabling Advanced Projects) is a proposed 18-month collaboration between Method Grid, academia and 2-3 industry partners. This document provides an overview of the project.

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Video Resources

GRIDtalk Lessons Learned 2.0 Industry Collaboration

In this GRIDtalk, recorded in November 2023, we explore the discipline of lessons learned management, within the context of the AEC industry and the timely opportunity for a fundamental reinvention of how related knowledge-management processes are now technologically-enabled.

We examine why current practices (Lessons Learned 1.0) typically fail to deliver the theoretical learning benefits promised – before turning to a proposed overhaul (Lessons Learned 2.0) – as empowered by the major advances in natural language models/processing (NLM/P) in recent months.

The talk outlines the proposal for our latest industry research collaboration: Project LEAP (Lessons enabling advanced projects) – an opportunity for innovator tier one companies to join our c. 18-month prototype-development project.

GRIDtalk AI empowered P3M delivery – First deployed prototypes

This GRIDtalk, recorded in May 2023, is aimed at giving the viewer a glimpse into the future. Presenting a vision of how AI can positively impact and help to accelerate the development of engaging and knowledge rich playbooks that incorporate AI to increase productivity, collaboration and improve delivery confidence.

This GRIDtalk looks at how we began to incorporate AI into the Method Grid platform.

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GRIDtalk: Lessons Learned 2.0​ – Industry Collaboration

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AI empowered P3M delivery. First deployed prototypes.

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