Folder cloning feature

Our latest release brings you folder cloning (Professional plan required).

To put this feature into some context – some businesses in the Method Grid professional community have very complex playbooks and processes. At this more complex end, over-arching process grids have been built to link off to other related grids i.e. a set of grids are used in conjunction when delivering structured services to their end-clients.

In this scenario, it is desirable for links between such (master) reference grids to be maintained whenever the grid set is cloned into a specific (project instance) copy. The solution to this was to allow for folder cloning.

Now, if you have a multi-grid playbook or process – that involves several interlinking grids – then, as long as they are collected in the same folder, this feature allows you to make a clone of the entire folder and to preserve these intra-links in the new folder/grid instance.

To clone a folder, go to the folder of grids you want to clone (note that you cannot clone your My grids folder or the main Grid library folder). Click the more button (…) in the top right action button area, then click the clone folder tick and the folder cloning process will begin (for folders containing a large number of grids or very large grids, this process can take a few minutes). You can see how it’s tracking with the handy progress bar.

It’s important to note that cloning a folder will clone all grids within it but not sub folders or the grids within those sub folders. Any links between grids within this folder (e.g. element links) will be mirrored to recreate the same interlinking relationships between the new grids in the new folder. Any links to grids outside of this folder will remain unchanged.

Drag and drop uploads for images and files in elements

As often seems to be the case, we aren’t satisfied with releasing one improvement, we like to release at least one more for good measure! The additional feature this time is the ability to “drag and drop” uploads for images and files in element content areas.

You will now see a “Drag your files/images here” area and an “Upload a file/image +” button at the bottom of file/image upload content areas.

The beauty of this is that you can now upload multiple files/images by dragging and dropping, something that is not possible by using the upload button.

Next up for our fast-moving development team?

We are currently putting the final touches to the design of the new home page before passing over to the dev team. An area that we have nicknamed ProdHub, it will become the home of your daily productivity. This will be the first iteration of course, we have some grand plans for this area of the app, features will be released in stages over the coming months. The first step into this new world is due for release on 28th May 2021.

Is there a feature you would love to see us add to our development stack? If so, please let us know via our community platform



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