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GRIDtalks: Sharing P3M best practices | 2023 in Review

Our monthly GRIDtalk series is tailored for executive participation and as a forum for the sharing of P3M best practices. In these sessions, we learn from experienced industry leaders overseeing complex delivery portfolios.

Over the past year, the Method Grid team have held a variety of different GRIDtalks covering topics from across the landscape of P3M best practice. From events held in conjunction with industry thought leaders to our own knowledge sharing, this has been a great year.

With this in mind, we’re sharing the past year of GRIDtalks in this article, giving you the chance to catch up on any you may have missed or rewatch some of the conversations we’ve had over the past year.

Collaborative GRIDtalks

How Turner & Townsend enabled digital innovation and creativity with Method Grid

Turner & Townsend continue to seek innovation and creativity in how they transform both their internal core business processes and the delivery of client assignments. The adoption of Method Grid has enabled Turner & Townsend to accelerate several key initiatives in their P3M delivery.

In an engaging episode, T & T expand on the work involved in undertaking such a capability transformation and the principles they have followed to navigate such continuous improvement.

Arup: Maps the Digital Playbook for Managing Advisory Project Services

This GRIDtalk discusses how Arup, with a deserved reputation for innovation, leveraged the Method Grid platform to enhance collaboration, showcase their global expertise and to customise services to meet the individual needs of every client.

This GRIDtalk introduces and explains how to utilise the MAPS toolkit. The webinar will help you to gain practical lessons for shaping enterprise change that will help you improve your delivery capabilities – enabling teams to consistently produce high-quality outcomes with less effort.

Network Rail – Digital Pace (Public Read Only Platform)

This GRIDtalk explores the valuable lessons learned from Network Rail’s deployment of Digital PACE. We discuss creating a world-class project delivery playbook for the UK rail industry – integrating knowledge, experience, and standards – to help teams deliver projects in a controlled environment successfully.

Discover how Network Rail, who are at the heart of revitalising Britain’s railway, leveraged the Method Grid platform to enhance collaboration, showcase their global expertise and customise services.

This webinar will help you gain practical lessons for shaping change that will help you improve your delivery capabilities – enabling teams to consistently produce high-quality outcomes with less effort.

Navigating the Sea of Change with Altus & Method Grid

Collaborating with our key partner in financial services consulting, Altus Consulting, we delve into the critical subject of change management in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Intelligent Change Management Frameworks are crucial for effective change delivery. They should be flexible, adaptable, and data-driven, acting as scaffolding rather than a prescriptive guide. Organisations need to continually invest in these frameworks to stay robust in a volatile economy.

LACE Partners: Translating service propositions into playbooks with Method Grid

LACE Partners, a leading HR and Payroll Consultancy, worked with Method Grid to build their repeatable Service Propositions within our platform. Taking advantage of both our platform and professional services expertise. This GRIDtalk takes you through the journey they’ve been on, the challenges they’ve faced and the benefits they’re now realising.

In an engaging episode, we expand on the work involved to undertake such an improvement exercise and the lessons learned along the way.

Industry Research Project Praxis Framework and Method Grid

This GRIDtalk covers our collaboration with the Praxis Framework, discussing the out-of-the-box Praxis playbook that incorporates modular, bite-sized training to help users refine their skills as they apply the method in a live delivery environment.

Learn about the Praxis Framework and how it can be integrated into your existing project delivery process and find out how we have translated the Praxis Framework and the benefit of moving it to the Method Grid platform.

One Advisory – Why we chose Method Grid

In this enlightening conversation, we delve into the reasons that ONE Advisory moved to our platform, how we compare to our competitors and their experience of using Method Grid since then.

We take you through the reasons why Method Grid turned out to be the best fit for ONE Advisory, what the implementation process consisted of, and how Method Grid has helped to elevate their capability uplift to new levels.

AI Empowered P3M delivery

AI empowered P3M delivery. First deployed prototypes.

When looking for ways to improve efficiency, it has become clear AI application will have a dramatic effect on the success ratio of project and programme delivery. Which is why Method Grid is at the forefront of showcasing this in our ever-evolving platform.

This GRIDtalk aims at giving you a glimpse into the future. Presenting a vision of how AI can positively impact and help to accelerate the development of engaging and knowledge rich playbooks that incorporate AI to increase productivity, collaboration and improve delivery confidence.

Lessons Learned 2.0: Industry Collaboration

In this GRIDtalk we explore the discipline of lessons learned management, within the context of the AEC industry, and the timely opportunity for a fundamental reinvention of how related knowledge-management (KM) processes are now technologically enabled.

We examine why current practices (Lessons Learned 1.0) typically fail to deliver the theoretical learning benefits promised – before turning to a proposed overhaul (Lessons Learned 2.0) – as empowered by the major advances in natural language models/processing (NLM/P) in recent months.

The talk outlines the proposal for our latest industry research collaboration: Project LEAP (Lessons Enabling Advanced Projects). This topic is the subject of our latest white paper – which the GRIDtalk summarises; a draft of this paper is now out for professional community review (available on request).

The Method Grid platform

Building World-Class Project Delivery Methods and Playbooks

This informative and engaging GRIDtalk, delves into the nitty-gritty of constructing world-class project delivery methods and playbooks.

We guide you through the process of designing robust frameworks, bridging the gap between project management theory and its practical application, and imparting essential skills to your team effectively.

Discover the ways to integrate learning, leverage AI, and chart out the future path for methodology and playbooks. Unveil a multitude of tips and insights drawn from real-life experiences and embark on a journey to enhance your P3M delivery prowess.

Gantt Overview

This GRIDtalk is an introductory demo of the new Gantt chart feature in Method Grid.

The webinar shows how it’s structured, how it works and how it enhances your knowledge and project management practices when it comes to P3M delivery.

Method Grid 2023 Reflection and Look Ahead

Our final GRIDtalk of 2023 reflects on the key projects, product advancements, and lessons learned throughout the past year.

The team explores the Method Grid success stories from the past year, from improvements in the platform to successful projects and client success stories. They also touch on what to expect in the new year.

Gain insight into how you can improve your project delivery capabilities, reflect with us on what has been a great 2023 and get a sneak peek of what we have planned for 2024.

GRIDtalks in 2024 | Sharing P3M Best Practices

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