Notifications 2.0

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We have released version 2.0 of Method Grid's notification system!

The Method Grid notifications system has been revamped in order to reduce the number of notifications you receive, give you more control over what notifications you receive and to make improvements based on customer feedback.


Quick Summary

Notification settings overview screen

New Features

  1. You can now choose which grids to “follow”. You will receive notifications for the grids you follow based on your notification delivery channel settings. You will receive NO notifications for the grids you choose to unfollow. You can only follow grids to which you have access.
  2. You have four notification delivery channels:
    1. In-app notifications – these are always on for the grids you follow.
    2. Email – instant email notifications and/or a daily summary, these can be turned on or off.
    3. Browser – instant notifications to your browser/desktop, these can be turned on or off.
    4. Chat integrations – instant notifications to Microsoft Teams, Google Chat or Slack, these are configured at the grid level
  3. Notifications are now batched and grouped globally by categories (assigned, comments, mentions and scheduled) and by grid e.g. if there are multiple date changes within a grid over a period of time, you will now receive one notification for that grid which includes the last date change and a link indicating there are more changes which you can review in the grid’s activity log.
  4. You can set the days you would like to receive your daily summary.
  5. Notification emails have been redesigned and now include your organisation’s name and logo (if set).

Key Information

  1. Members are set to follow grids (new and existing) by default, until they choose to unfollow a grid.
  2. In-app notifications will continue to work as before and all your historic notifications are still available.
  3. Email notifications are all set to on by default.
  4. Daily summary emails are set to be sent Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri by default.
  5. If browser notifications have been enabled, they are set to on by default.
  6. Chat integrations that are already configured at the grid level will continue to work as before.

Features Now Retired

  1. Chat integrations set at the account level have been removed and will stop working, chat integrations are now only available at the grid level.
  2. Account level notification setting overrides have been removed, members now control all of their notification settings.

My Settings

To access your settings click your profile image in the left hand bar and select my settings. In my settings you can:

Notification settings

Your notifications are grouped into categories. You can decide which of these categories you would like to receive email and/or browser notifications for (in-app notifications are always on for the grids you choose to follow):

Notifications channel settings

You can also turn your daily summary email on or off and specify which days you would like to receive this.

Grid follow settings

Below your notification settings you will see a complete list of all the grids to which you have access. You can set each grid to either yes (follow) or no (unfollow):

Notification grid follow settings

You can also choose whether to follow a grid or not within the grid by opening the grid information:

Grid information interface showing the grid follow interface

Important – you will get no notifications via any of your delivery channels, from the grids you choose not to follow. Chat integrations are unaffected by your personal grid follow settings. 

Notification Email Settings

Notification emails can now be customised by your account architect (super admin) in your account settings. The emails will use your app logo, the custom colour set for the top of the navigation bar and your organisation name in the email header:

Notification email example

Your account name is also used in the from name of the email e.g. Method Grid on behalf of Wool & Sheep Corporation <>

If you have not set a custom logo, custom colours or organisation name it will default to the Method Grid logo, colours and name.


If you have any feedback or questions relating to this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

These changes to our notifications system are a key release on the journey to our new Gantt chart feature, which is coming soon. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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