Text Descriptions (Alternative Text) For Images

You can now add text descriptions (alt text) to your images in image areas.

Adding a text description of the images you upload into your image areas helps accessibility tools such a screen readers describe your images to your users with accessibility requirements.

How to Add a Description to Your Image

  1. Toggle on edit mode
  2. Find the existing image you want to describe or upload a new image to the image area
  3. Below each image in your image area you will see a text box into which you can add your image description
  4. Add the description of your image here, this will automatically save

Images area showing the image alt text interface

When describing the image try to give as much detail as possible, this description will be read out by screen readers in order to describe your image to your users.

When an image contains words that are important to understanding the content, the description should include those words. This will allow your alternative text to play the same function on the page as the image. Note that it does not necessarily describe the visual characteristics of the image itself but must convey the same meaning as the image.

You can learn more about alt text best practice here.


If you have any feedback or questions relating to this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will be adding the ability to export your Gantt chart as a PDF. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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