Updated Element Display Rules

Updated element display rules

We have reworked the way element display rules are set and displayed in your project grids.

This feature release changes the way you set and view element display rules i.e. the colour of the elements within your project grids if they are completed or overdue.

The labels you have assigned to your elements will not change i.e. all your labelling, label titles and colours are completely unchanged. This change only affects how you and your team set and view the element display rules i.e. the colour you want an element to be if it is overdue, a task within it is overdue or it is complete.

Old Element Display Rules

Previously, members with edit access to a grid, could create one of three element display rules:

  1. Element is overdue
  2. A checklist task within the element is overdue
  3. Element is complete

When one of these rules was triggered, the rule changed the primary label applied to that element.

These rules were either permanently on or off and your team members had no control over this. The grid was always in a delivery mode view and your team members were unable to switch to a knowledge label-based rule. This new feature release now empowers your team members to toggle between delivery and knowledge views!

New Element Display Rules

These element display rules are now no longer tied to the element labels, they are their own stand-alone rules and colours i.e. they are NOT labels.

All team members (not just those with edit access) can now choose whether to view the grid with these display rules shown (delivery mode) or hidden (knowledge mode). You can toggle how you wish to view a grid; either with certain rules shown, so elements change colour if the rules apply to them, or with certain rules off, so elements show the primary label colour applied to them. Each grid will then remember the view you had set when you last visited it. This is a personal setting for each member.

Element Display Rules Hidden (Knowledge Mode)

When the display rules are hidden (by default all grids have the rules hidden when you first view them), you can view the elements with their primary label colour:

Element display rules hidden

Element Display Rules Shown (Delivery Mode)

When the display rules are shown, you can view the elements according to the rules that apply to them, by default these are:

  • Red – Element is overdue
  • Amber – A checklist task within the element is overdue
  • Green – Element is complete

Note: Members with edit access to a grid are able to change these colours. Account architects (super admins) can also set the default colours for these three rules in your account settings.

The rules can be shown/hidden by any member in the labels section, and you can choose which rules to show:

Show/hide element display rules

The grid will then update according to the rules that apply to the elements. These rules have the following priority order:

  1. Element is complete
  2. Element is overdue
  3. A checklist task within the element is overdue

The display rules currently being shown are indicated at the top right of the grid. You can also hide a display rule using these indicators, click the X that appears on hover.

Element display rules shown

Each grid will then remember how you last viewed it i.e. if you had all three rules set to show, then the next time you view that grid they will be shown. This is remembered per member per grid.

Element Display Rule Indicators

As well as the indicators at the top of your grids to indicate if the rules are shown or hidden; all your elements will now indicate if any display rules apply to them.

Irrespective of whether you show or hide these rules, elements will indicate if any rules apply to them:

In element display rule indicator

Element Display Rules Customisation

You can change the colour used by the rules at the grid level and the account level.

Grid Customisation

Members with edit access to a grid can set the colours to be used for the rules on that grid, in the same way that you can set the label colours to be used for that grid.

Grid level colour settings for element display rules

Account Customisation

Account architects (super admin) can also set the default colours for these rules account wide in your account settings. When setting these default colours, any grid that does not have a custom set of colours for the rules will inherit and use the colours set in your account settings. All new grids will also inherit this default colour set.

Element display rules account settings

Important Migration Options

Some grids may now have a set of labels using red, amber and green and these new rules using the same colour set. This can be resolved at the grid level by changing either the label or rule colours as detailed above. To change all grids within your account (that do not already have a custom set of label colours) your account architect (super admin) can change the default red, amber and green label or rule colours in your account settings as detailed above.

If you need any help or advice with this change, please contact us by emailing


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch on our community or by emailing

Our next release will give you unlimited labels within your grids so you can take your knowledge labelling as far as you want it to go. You can view this upcoming release and provide your feedback here.



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