Element Tool Shortcuts & UI Improvements

Tool shortcuts

In our latest release, we have added shortcuts to your element delivery tools and made some improvements to the UI (user interface) of these tools.

Using these new shortcuts, you can quickly open some of the key element delivery tools, including the element task log and activity log.

Element Tools

When viewing a grid, if you hover your cursor over an element, three new tool shortcuts will appear:

Element tool shortcuts appearing on cursor hover

  1. Opens the element information overview
  2. Opens the element task log
  3. Opens the element activity log

When editing a grid, these same three tools have also been added to the element’s quick edit tools:

Element tool shortcuts in grid edit mode

Each of these tools can also be access within their UI so you can easily switch between them.

Element Information

The element information contains an overview of key information including; the team member assigned to the element, the due date, the completion date, a shareable link to the element, any display rules that apply to the element i.e. is it overdue, is a task overdue, is it complete, the element’s labels and settings.

Element information

Element Task Log

The element task log summarises all the tasks in the element in a table. This table can be filtered and sorted by column so you can work with tasks across the entire element in one simple tool. You can also bulk assign and schedule tasks in the task log. You can learn more about log views here.

Element task log

Element Activity Log

The element activity log shows all activity within the element. Activities are split by categories such as view, edit, delete etc. This table can be filtered and sorted by column so you can review all the activity within that element. You can learn more about activity logs here.

Element activity log

UI Improvements

We have also made some UI changes to these tools, including ensuring you can see the element title at the top of the information and logs.

Element information UI improvement


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s Next?

We will be rolling out similar UI changes within elements and stage gates in order to unify the UI across the application. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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