Improved Search Now Searches Files & Comments

Search files and comments

The knowledge within your organisation is only useful if your team can find it, make sense of it and use it in a timely manner. Method Grid is the key to improving this efficiency of understanding.

To help your team find the information they need quickly and efficiently we have improved the way you search your Method Grid account. Here are the highlights:

  • We have improved the way Method Grid searches giving you much more relevant and accurate results
  • You can also now set your preference for the way search works for you
  • You can now search for comments across your account
  • You can now search for files across your account including uploaded files, file links, files relating to tasks and file links to SharePoint, Google Drive, Box etc.


Improved Search Results

When you search Method Grid, you will see results from all the knowledge touch points across Method Grid:

Search categories


  • Folders – how you organise your grids
  • Grids – your project deliveries, processes and structured methodologies
  • Elements – the knowledge containers and work packages within your grids
  • Tasks – your project/process tasks
  • Content areas – the knowledge within your elements
  • Files – any files or file links anywhere within your account
  • Comments – any comments anywhere within your account
  • Members – the team members within your account
  • Templates – element templates you have created

Your search results are split by the categories above to make it easier to narrow down to the specific knowledge touch point you need. Each category and knowledge touchpoint also has a unique icon to help you scan through your search results.

You can narrow down by simply scrolling through the results by category or you can select which category of results to show (your last choice of category to show will be remembered for the next time you search).

You can also narrow down your searches to only search within specific folders or grids. By default, when you are viewing a folder or a grid and you trigger a search, Method Grid will automatically narrow down your search to that folder or grid. You can change this behaviour in your search preferences (see below).

By default we include master grids and archived grids in your search results. To exclude these from your search, simply untick them as desired. Your last choice of filters will be remembered for the next time you search.

Your Search Preferences

You can now configure your search preferences to best match the way you like to search across Method Grid:

Search preferences

Always narrow search to the grid or folder you’re currently viewing

This is toggled on by default and means when you are viewing a folder or a grid and you trigger a search, Method Grid will automatically narrow down your search to that folder or grid. With this toggled off, Method Grid will always search across your entire account unless you specifically select a folder or grid to search in as part of that specific search i.e. Method Grid will not do this automatically for you.

Remember my search filters

This is toggled on by default and means, whenever you change what to show (search categories) or what to include (master and archived grids), Method Grid will remember this choice for the next time you search. With this toggled off, everything will be included each time you start a new search.

Searching For Comments

You can now search all the comments right across your account.

Search comments

The search results in the comments category will show you who made the comment, the comment content and a breadcrumb trail to show you in which knowledge touchpoint that comment was made; grid > element > task etc.

Searching For Files

You can also now search for files within your account. All types of files are included i.e. uploaded files, file links, files relating to tasks and file links to SharePoint, Google Drive, Box etc.

Search files


When searching for files Method Grid will search for the display name you have set for that file (if no display name has been set this will default to the file name). The search results in the files category will also indicate the type of file found and will again show you a breadcrumb trail to sign post which  knowledge touchpoint that file relates to; folder > grid > element > content area > task etc.

Stay in touch

You can learn more about searching Method Grid on our help site here.

If you have any feedback on this feature, or any feedback on Method Grid in general, please get in touch on our community or by emailing



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