New Grid Filter

New grid filter

Our latest release enables the filtering of elements within your grids.

You can now filter the elements you see in your grids by assignee, label, date etc. You can also bookmark these filters for later use, share them with others and build a set of shared filter bookmarks that are cloned with your grid so they are available on every project instance.

The grid filter is available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.


How to filter the grid

By default, all grids will open to show all their elements. To create a new filter in a grid, you simply click the new filter button in the grid action buttons (top right).

Grid filter open action button

This will open the grid filter for you to start creating your filtered view. Select add element filter to choose from the available element filters. These will be familiar to you from our custom dashboard chart filters.

Grid filter element filters

  • Assigned to – filter elements assigned to specific team members
  • Assignee group – filter elements assigned to specific groups of team members (as set in your member groups)
  • Completed by – filter elements that were completed by specific team members
  • Completed on – filter elements by their completion date
  • Complete status – filter elements that are complete or incomplete
  • Due date – filter elements by their due date
  • Due date status – filter elements by their due date status e.g. upcoming, in the past, overdue etc.
  • Flagged – filter elements that are flagged or not flagged
  • Label – filter elements by label
  • RAG – filter elements by their RAG rating
  • Stage – filter elements by the stage they are in
  • Title – filter elements by their title
  • Theme – filter elements by the theme they are in
  • Type – filter by element type e.g. information only, with tasks etc.

As you add filters, the grid will update in real time to show/hide the elements according to your filters. Once you have filtered the grid as required, simply close the filter to work in the grid.

When a filter is applied, the filter indicator (top left) will give you an oversight of how many elements the grid has in total and how many are currently shown based on the filter applied. The filter indicator will also show you a list of the filters currently applied to the grid. Hover your cursor over these filter indicators to see the filter details, clicking the X will clear that filter.

Grid filter indicators

If, after applying a filter, you make a change in the grid that would affect that filter (e.g. as per the example above and below, you filter to show green and amber RAG rated elements, but subsequently change one of those elements to a red RAG rating), the effected element will remain in view and an exclamation indicator will appear to inform you of the change to the filter. Clicking the indicator will reapply the filter with your changes included (e.g. the red RAG rated element would now disappear from view).

Grid filter change indicator

If, after applying a filter, you toggle the grid into edit mode, all elements will reappear, but those excluded by the filter will be opaque. This lets you see the filter as applied, but also allows you to edit and interact with the grid in the context of the whole grid.

Grid filtered in edit mode

Saving and sharing your filters with filter bookmarks

We have provided a set of default filter bookmarks that let you quickly show/hide elements within the grid.

Grid filter bookmarks

These filter bookmarks are split into two categories:

My bookmarks

These bookmarks are private to you and filter the elements as assigned to you e.g. My elements due this week, my overdue elements etc.

Shared bookmarks

These bookmarks are public and can be used by anyone with view access to the grid e.g. all elements due this week, all overdue elements etc.

Shared bookmarks are also cloned with the grid, meaning you can create a set of shared filter bookmarks in your master grid which are cloned along with your grid into each project instance.

Creating filter bookmarks

If you want to save a filter you have created, you can create your own filter bookmarks. To do this, click the save as new bookmark button at the bottom of the grid filter tool. Depending on your access level to the grid you can then decide where to save this filter bookmark:

  • Team members with view access to the grid – can save filter bookmarks to their own my bookmarks section.
  • Team members with edit/manage access to the grid – can also choose to save filter bookmarks to the shared bookmarks section.

To save the bookmark, just give it a name as indicated and hit enter on your keyboard to save it.

Save grid filter bookmark

Using filter bookmarks

To apply a filter bookmark, simply click on the filter bookmarks button in the grid. This will open a list of my bookmarks (personal to you) and shared bookmarks (available to all users of the grid). Simply click on the required filter bookmark to apply it to the grid.

Managing and sharing filter bookmarks

To edit and manage your bookmarks, simply click the filter bookmarks button in the grid and select manage. This will open your filter bookmarks manager in which you can manage your my bookmarks and shared bookmarks (if you have edit/manage access to the grid).

Manage grid filter bookmarks

When managing filter bookmarks, hover over the required filter bookmark, you can then:

  • Star – this sets the filter as your personal default view for this grid i.e. once set, each time you open this grid, it will open with the selected filter bookmark applied
  • Arrow – applies the filter to the grid and closes the management interface
  • Pencil – lets you rename the filter bookmark
  • Move – click and drag to reorder the filter bookmarks
  • Share – copies a link to the grid with that filter applied (send this to team members when you want to share a filtered view of the grid)
  • Delete – deletes the filter bookmark

To edit the filter itself, click that bookmark and the usual filter tool will open. You can then adjust that filter and either update that bookmark to save over the top or select save as new bookmark to create a new filter bookmark instead.


If you have any feedback on this feature, please get in touch.

What’s next?

We will shortly be adding additional security in the form of two-factor authentication. You can see all of our upcoming releases in our product roadmap.


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