Elements Dashboard – RAG Rating, Tasks Progress & More

In our latest release, we have updated your elements dashboard to include the new grid statuses, element types, RAG ratings, task progress indicators and a new element completion option. This update includes some key changes to the layout of the filters within your elements dashboard, these are detailed below.

Please note that all your existing filter bookmarks will continue to work as before.

Overview Video

This video gives an overview of all our recent dashboard updates:


Element Types & Completing Elements

There are three types of element within Method Grid and your elements dashboard can now be filtered between these types. You can also mark certain element types as complete within your dashboard.

Filtering By Element Type

You can now choose which element types to show in your dashboard:

  • Completable (with sub-tasks) – this is toggled ON by default
  • Completable (no sub-tasks) – this is toggled ON by default
  • Information only – this is toggled OFF by default

Element type filter

Completing Elements

You can now mark elements as complete within your dashboard using the complete checkbox. Only completable elements with no sub-tasks can be completed from the dashboard:

1 – Completable (no sub-tasks)

These are elements that do not have tasks within them, but can be completed using the element complete feature. To complete these elements you simply tick the checkbox. Completable elements without tasks can only be completed by the user that is assigned to them. If no user is assigned, then anyone with view access to the grid can complete them. Users with edit and manage access to the grid can complete any element, irrespective of whether it is assigned to them or another user.

2 – Completable (with sub-tasks)

These are elements that have tasks within them. These elements can only be completed based on the completion of the tasks within them i.e. once 100% of the tasks within the element have been completed, the element is automatically marked as complete. You cannot mark these as complete via your elements dashboard. Click the element title to open these elements and action any outstanding tasks.

3 – Information only

These are elements that have no tasks within them and that do not need to be completable. These elements will not have the new element complete checkbox feature.

Element types

Filtering by Element Completion

You can also filter your dashboard by element completion status:

  • Complete – Includes completed elements (this is toggled OFF by default)
  • Not complete – Includes elements that have not been completed (this is toggled ON by default)

Element complete filter

Tasks % Completion

You can now filter the dashboard by the progress of the tasks within your elements:

  • Not started (0%) – If no tasks have been completed within an element, the task progress bar will indicate 0% completion
  • In progress (1% – 100%) – When at least one task has been completed within an element, the progress bar will indicate the percentage completed
  • On hold – If at least one task within an element has been given a status of on hold, the task progress bar will include an exclamation mark icon to indicate the on hold status

All three are toggled on by default.

Task progress filter

Element RAG Rating

You can now filter elements by their current RAG rating:

  • Red
  • Amber
  • Green
  • None

All four are toggled on by default.

Element RAG filter

Element Due Date

The due date column now also contains your overdue elements and it includes two new filters:

  • Include overdue – toggles whether to include overdue elements in your filter (this is toggled ON by default)
  • Include no due date – toggles whether to include elements with no due date in your filter (this is toggled ON by default)

The existing from/to due date filter is unchanged.

Element due date filter

Grid Status

You can now filter your elements by the status of the grid they are in:

  • Not started
  • In progress
  • On hold
  • Complete
  • Cancelled

The default for this filter has not started, in progress and on hold toggled ON (grids on these statuses are “open”). Complete and cancelled are toggled OFF (grids on these statuses are “closed”).

Element dashboard grid status filter

Sorting Elements

You can continue to sort the order of the elements in your dashboard as before. Each filter includes an ascending and descending filter to sort the order of your elements by the selected column.

You can learn more about your elements dashboard on our help site here.

If you have any feedback on this feature, or any feedback on Method Grid in general, please get in touch on our community or by emailing [email protected].



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